04 Mar 2022 10:27 AM | Daren (Administrator)

“Have you ever considered the rewards of volunteering your time to help the Academy of Model Aeronautics move forward? Do you know of someone with strong leadership abilities and a desire to serve so that the next generation of aeromodellers can continue to enjoy this great hobby?”  Did you know that AMA has opportunities to lead at several levels, all with varying duties, skill sets, and levels of participation?

AMA is a member based nonprofit organization that only benefits from greater member engagement.  All members need to be informed and advocate however they can to sustain and grow the hobby and AMA.  Becoming one of the several levels of volunteer leaders can be a rewarding way to enjoy Your Passion Your Hobby while serving our One Community!  Serving locally at club level as a Club Officer, you can manage and guide a club in day-to-day operations, encourage community involvement or building “friend raising” relationships while promoting the hobby and the Academy.  Apply to be a Leader Member if you want to be an integral liaison between clubs and district officer leaders.  This level of AMA membership provides a greater understanding and a higher level of service to the community.  A position as Contest Director or Event Manager offers motivated members not only authorization to run and organize exciting aeromodelling events and contests but you will actively engage with members at such gatherings while providing key safety oversight and direction.  Interested in an even higher level of engagement in your district?  Associate Vice Presidents, appointed by District Vice Presidents serve in any number of critical roles. Assisting with district initiatives, visiting clubs, participating in live and virtual meetings, advocating on many levels, engaging in educational and public outreach, interacting with other district AVPs and VPs and observing Executive Council meetings to name a few. Being a District AVP, mentored by your District VP is an excellent and highly recommended prerequisite to members considering the prestigious but demanding volunteer role as District Vice President, serving on the Executive Council on district and national levels while providing oversight for the organization.

If you have any interest in one of these necessary and critical voluntary leadership roles, please refer to the hyperlinks in this blog or the links provided below or contact your District VP for more information.

Thank you for stepping up!

*One short anecdote:  I have been an AVP for about 5 years.  I’ve had the good fortune to volunteer under the mentor-ship of the most senior EC member with a tremendous passion, enthusiasm, knowledge, experience, and drive for the AMA mission.  I have been engaged in Govt. Affairs advocacy with state and local governments and while sitting on SRMPs with Tyler Dobbs.  Engaging in public and educational outreach has been among the most rewarding part of my role.  Administering the District FB Group and basically doing anything my VP needs has been enjoyable but doesn’t equal the activity of a fully engaged VP.  No, this is NOT a nomination letter!  Rather, a cautionary note to any Leader Member with little experience thinking they can just slide into this important position for our organization.  With my experience as an AVP I don’t feel that I am yet prepared to be an effective, fully functioning VP.  When I was a new LM, I did not have the necessary experience, knowledge or perspective to be an effective VP! There are so many wonderful volunteer leadership positions within AMA to gain critical knowledge and experience that no one should be in a rush to be a VP.  I am a strong supporter of requiring VP candidates to first be AVPs or fully engaged and knowledgeable LM with experience to really learn the expanded duties of a VP/ EC member which include local, district/ regional and national issues and policy oversight.

Club Officer Roles:

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To see a list of current districts and find out who is currently serving on your Executive Council, click here (note you must be logged into the Members Only area):



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