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This page provides access to AMA Gas Turbine Program Documents and Resources to assist members transitioning, ETPs- Experienced Turbine Pilots (defined in the program) instructing, and CDs evaluating through the required AMA Gas Turbine Waiver Programming.

NOTE: "Member ONLY" documents require log in to the AMA website when you choose the link. 

           Confirm Log in at upper right of AMA site "Documents" page by "My Account".  If "log in"

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"Member Only" documents in the Turbine Program include:

510-K AMA Designated CD for Rotary Turbine Sign Off

510-M AMA Turbine Waiver Holder List

510-N Revoked AMA Special Waivers for Turbine Operation

*AMA Media and Resources/ Documents/ TURBINE menu (the blue box drop down menus on the AMA website “Documents” page).  Find “Turbine “ by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting that blue box.

We suggest you begin your transition by reading the following:

* Click on underlined hyperlinks below for direct access. These do not require a log in.

510-A "AMA Gas Turbine Program"- Describes the AMA Gas Turbine Program.

510-D "AMA Fixed-wing Turbine Waiver Qualifications Guide and Waiver Application"- Outlines the Qualification and Application process. *Also includes a great Checklist to use as a preparation, review, and a field resource.  We recommend laminating it and keeping it in your flight bag.

510-S "AMA Gas Turbine Program (GTP) Waiver Qualification"
- This is a manual provided through AMA/ JPO- Jet Pilots Organization (Turbine SIG) to inform and educate members about the Gas Turbine Waiver Program and assist them in the transition to turbine flight.


*Of course there is no single, all- inclusive resource for learning.  A competent mentor/ instructor is your best resource in this endeavor.  Reach out to your AMA District leadership for assistance in finding qualified and willing ETPs (Experienced Turbine Pilots as defined in the Program) and CDs.  We hope that this gives you easy access to the Gas Turbine Program documents and some valuable "Best Practices" as you transition to the exciting world of turbine powered aeromodelling. 

Your AMA District 1 leadership team.

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