AMA National Competition 

Alpha Flight Endurance Winners 

AMA executive council members each received one of the new AMA Alpha model aircraft during the October executive council meeting in Muncie. And, as we usually have done with AMA’s FPG-9 and Delta Dart educational model aircraft, a competition challenge was made and took place on Saturday night before dinner in the restaurant parking lot. 

   We had just enough time to build, test fly and trim our Alphas for four competition launches in order to name the first AMA National Alpha Endurance Flight winner. It was windy… so I set-up my Alpha with a rearward wing position and longer nose moment, short rubber motor, and 15 turns of the 20 to 1 winder. This just happened to consistently be a better set-up for penetrating and climbing higher before turning and gliding down to land then my fellow competitors and yes, I won the first EC Alpha competition and the $20 award! Congratulations to Jim Tiller, district IX, and Chuck Bower, district XI, as second and third place Alpha endurance flight winners.



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"Checklist for Cities Drafting Drone Laws"

We are approaching the 2018 legislation season in January when state and local legislators will again begin to introduce sUAS/drone bills and ordinances. I recently came across a document created by “The Association of California Cities – Orange County” in August 2017 as a Checklist for their cities. This Checklist could be applied to any cities to follow when drafting or proposing UAS/drone laws and might be referenced by us when objecting to certain locally proposed UAS/drone legislation.

The “Checklist for Creating Drone Ordinances” is unlike the National League of Cities “Cities & Drones” 2016 report which recommended legislation that would challenge FAA’s sovereignty over flight operations in the NAS. This Checklist for law makers drafting UAS/drone legislation includes recommendations that are not as onerous to recreational UAS/model-aircraft flight operations and more consistent with AMA’s regulatory efforts. It recommends legislation that is tied to “land use” (when and where you can take-off/land) which presumably concerns itself with publicly controlled property and not private property and more importantly recommends that local law makers do not draft regulations for overhead flight operation to avoid conflict with federal law. It wants laws to be as technology neutral as possible

and legislators to consult with the FAA to avoid laws that would be subject to preemption. It also suggests that since 

already existing privacy laws apply to drone usage 
additional laws may not be necessary to address privacy concern. It recommends compliance with regulation thru education and working with all stakeholders for buy-in. 

Click on the following document image to open/download the 

Complete Checklist à  



AMA Local Government Relations Update 

Singer’s Victory on Newton, MA Ordinance in U.S. Dist. Court Sept 22, 2017

The U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts issued a favorable decision in a lawsuit brought by Newton, Massachusetts resident Dr. Michael Singer. The Court ruled that a local ordinance severely restricting unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations in Newton is in violation of the federal government’s authority to regulate the airspace, also known as federal preemption. AMA congratulates Dr. Singer on this victory. While the Court’s decision in this case only immediately impacts Newton, we believe -->                                                                                       Read More_________________________________________

Singer Victory Provokes AMA Criticism 

"Why hasn't the AMA taken legal action now in two cases ruled in favor of private parties, Taylor and Singer?"

As AMA District I vice president, I have provided answers to this question and other similar remarks regarding UAS/drone legislation. AMA was in fact one of the first organization to file legal action against the FAA's Interpretation of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft in 2014. This case is still in abeyance and prevents the FAA from taking any legal action against flight operations based on their interpretation of the rule. 

    It’s also a fact that AMA has and continues to engage cities, towns, states and federal legislators on hundreds of UAS/drone bills, ordinances, and resolutions where AMA staff, officers and members respond with opposition in person, at hearings, in meetings and in letters to legislators.      Because of AMA's efforts, most UAS/drone legislation has either been killed or revised to include the 336 exemption and/or the inclusion in the legislation of the AMA recommended statement “If federal law preempts any provision of this bill, that provision shall not apply.” AMA is spending millions of dollars to successfully advocate and lobby for initiatives to protect the flying interests of its members.

     In terms of the Newton ordinance, I was involved for over two years in opposition to the ordinance along with assistance from the AMA Government Relations Team and AMA member, Howard Samuels from Newton. Our efforts prevented passage and allowed for further discussion on the ordinance on multiple hearing dates,  -->    

                                                                                  Read More 


Recent AMA District I and National News 

Items of Interest -->                      ARCHIVED

New England AMA Clubs Upload Your 

Upcoming Event Ads, Posters, or Flyers.

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Upcoming events

20 Jan 2018 8:00 AM • Bow, NH Community Center/ Fire Station 2 Knox Rd- see flyer for directions
27 Jan 2018 9:00 AM • Whitman K of C 1195 Bedford St. Whiitman, MA
28 Jan 2018 9:00 AM • SNHFE Field Merrimack,NH see flyer.
18 Feb 2018 10:00 AM • 40 Oak St. Peabody, MA
23 Feb 2018 5:00 PM • Meadowlands Expo Center NJ


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Do You Know Your States Drone Laws?

All remote pilots, regardless of what type of model aircraft being flown, need to not only know the Federal Laws/FAA Part 107/Subsection 101 regulations for flight operations in the National Airspace, but State laws as well. 

    Most AMA remote pilots understand that as members of the AMA we currently continue to conduct flight operation in accordance with Public Law 112-95 Sec. 336 the “Special Rule for Model Aircraft” under AMA’s Safety Programming which also requires members to observe any State laws for UAS/Drones/model-aircraft.  

     I recently was sent a link to the latest edition to “State Drone Law” from the law firm of “Ausley|McMullen authored by Steven M. Hogan and Richard E. Doran. The hard copy of the book is available from Amazon for $15.99 and they provided a PDF free copy by clicking on the following book cover link.

    I have provided easy access to just New England State's

UAS/Drone-Laws that follow:

    CT. Drone Law 

    ME. Drone Law

      MA. Drone Law 

    R.I. Drone Law

    N.H. Drone Law 

     VT. Drone Law

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