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If you are interested in "Public Outreach" Events:

community events, senior centers, camps, etc. utilizing aeromodelling our District 1 New England Outreach Team

would be pleased to help you. Please visit the "OUTREACH" page for more details and access to "Outreach Contacts."  Thank you.

   The District Outreach Team initiative is gaining traction with increased exposure on social media (I Fly AMA and District FB Groups, in Model Aviation magazine, through collaboration with AMA marketing by creating the District 1 Community Outreach "snap shot" (featured below) and sharing within and beyond our modeling community.

   The AMA District 1 Outreach Team (ADOT) was recently featured in the Oct 13, 2023 edition of

"AMA This Week" Email subscription service to members. "The Benefits of Having a District Outreach Team by District 1 VP Andy Argenio was taken from the Sept 2023 issue of Model Aviation Magazine.  (Click on photo for article)

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