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Welcome New Aeromodellers  Youth Members Click HERE

Welcome New Aeromodellers  Youth Members Click HERE
CD- Jeff Lynds Contact: (860) 303-7893 Email: jlyndz@aol.com Details at: #plumislandrc events
CD- Ronald Paul- RMP3XL@comcast.net 413-374-3212
Details- #plumislandrc CD- Daren Hudson dth7@comcast.net 603 674 5809 or Steve Bakke- bakkese@comcast.net 508 265 5809
Tandem rotor helis large and small line up at the New England Heli Crew
A turbine Lama gets ready for flight at The New England Heli Crew
Mark Smith's beautiful Long Ranger flying at The New England Heli Crew
Joel Rosenzweig's turbine powered Lama at The New England Heli Crew
Joel Rosenzweig's custom built Chinook readying for flight at The New England Heli Crew
Adam Tashjian pilots the Schweizer 300C at The New England Heli Crew
Joel Rosenzweig's Hirobo CH-46 at The New England Heli Crew
OUTREACH! District 1 AVP- Technical Advisor, John Yassemedis giving an intro flight from the young Boy Scout's perspective! Background, Southern NH Flying Eagles Pres. Tim Sowder gives intros too.
At any given District 1 event this is a talented, peer pressure tempting and fun trio! Front to back: Cody, Ray and Rick enjoying the SNHFE Frozen Finger Fun Fly.
John Yassemedis, D 1 AVP, Tech Advisor fly by with his EF 60" Laser at the SNHFE Frozen Finger Fun Fly.
Father and Son at Southern NH Flying Eagles- Very active club with introductions and instruction. Way to go SNHFE!
D1 VP Andy Argenio offers some Simulator training to Ed outreach event participants in Concord, NH in 2021.
Rhinebeck Aerodrome 2021
Float Flys in District 1 are popular from RI to ME. Flying off water adds a whole new dimension to aeromodelling, give it a try!
Summer float flying in district 1 is a great way to expand your horizons in the hobby.
Proud owner/ pilot, beautiful model!
Extreme Flight Turbo Bushmaster becoming a mainstay at D1 float fly events. Fun Fact- District 1 member, club officer and world champion pilot Cody Wojcik was on the design team for this model!
Beautiful WW1 Warbirds are always the feature attraction at the annual Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, NY full scale and model Fly In event.
Justified Pride in a beautiful model!
L-R: District 1 VP- Andy Argenio, District 2 VP- Eric Williams and District 1 AVP- Steve Brehm
VP Andy Argenio visited Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome with D2 VP Eric Williams and D1AVP Steve Brehm
Nice Stearman at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, NY taken by D1 VP Andy Argenio
Restoration hangar at Old Rhinbeck Aerodrome, NY taken by D1 VP Andy Argenio
Beautiful vintage Warbirds at a D1 event
A D1 Warbird event show off some district building and flying talents!
More Warbird building and flying talent from District 1
One of the many great float fly events in district 1! Beautiful model.
Always a fun event- Southern NH Flying Eagles Annual Float Fly!

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This FAA'S EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVE for integrating Uncrewed Aircraft Operations into K-12 school curriculums was extracted from the FAA YouTube video, "The  Advanced Aviation Advisory Committee public meeting to discuss key drone-integration issues moring session at FAA YouTube 

THE FIRST CELEBRATION OF EAGLES took place July 6-7, 1996, and was an event unlike any other in AMA’s history. It was destined to be remembered by those who attended as the greatest gathering of the legends, innovators, and leaders in our organization and hobby.

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